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Halloween...here I come!

Yes, I have my costume. And no, you can't know what it is.

Though I was tempted to revive last years. That was a winner. In more ways than one.


Home again

(Because what do you do when struggling with a character? Force story upon them.)

He didn't have time to clean. Sam had only called that morning to say he wanted to come home for the weekend, so Larry had to leave straight from work to go pick him up.

Hence the horrid look on Sam's face when they got home. Sam shook his head at the mess and looked up at his father. "This is disgusting, Dad. Really." He grabbed his overnight bag and went to his room. Larry sighed and went into the living room. As he sat down Sam came out to meet him, after wandering around a bit. Sam came from the kitchen with suspicious eyes in Larry's direction. "You're drinking."

"Not right now, no."

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Sundays ~ Mini RP Moment

It was later in the evening when he dragged himself from bed. He'd been back and forth between napping, watching TV, and working on an opening statement. He went into the kitchen to find something to eat and made his way through the messy apartment. It was looking more and more like a shitty bachelor pad every day. The kind that was never straightened, of course. He felt bad for a moment that she'd actually seen it like that, but the moment left him and he didn't care. It wasn't as though it mattered.

He opened the cabinet for a glass and sighed when he saw it was empty. His eyes scanned the kitchen. Yes, he needed to do the dishes.

He picked up a used glass and rinsed it out, before pouring a scotch. He picked up his cell phone and scanned through until he found a number. As it rang he started loading the dishwasher. When the voicemail went off he cleared his throat. "Hi, uh, this is Larry. Larry Paul. Just returning your call. Wondering if you still wanted to grab a drink. I'll be around if you want to call me back." He hung up and tossed the phone down. He hadn't seen the woman since the night they'd met a couple weeks before, but she'd called. Why not?

After getting the dishwasher started he went into the living room and pulled the record from the record player then gently put it in the sleeve. As he tucked it away, he sighed. He'd gotten a better nights sleep the night before than he had in a very long time.

Deliveries ~ possible open thread

(This is set for tomorrow, but who knows when I'll be around to post it. So it goes up now. Up to you if you want to go off of this or anything, Em.)

Late in the day near quitting time, a carrier stops by Hawthorne and Milton, more specifically Cora's office, and drops off the following:

A wrapped gift.

A slice of "the best chocolate cake" from that place.

A flower.

And a note card attached to the gift that simply reads:

Have a stunning birthday.

Everybody loves a clown ~ RP Moment

Like every other night since Sam left, Larry worked late into the night. Of course he had more work now than ever, but he was glad of that. It kept him busy. Distracted. And that was better than anything else he'd be getting himself into.

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Company wuses

There was actually an inner office debate today for an hour about whether or not people are still wanting to help out the PD's or not - much less go anywhere near the courthouse. It's as I told them. I can't force them to help the backlog of cases down there, but they can't be babies and not do their actual jobs. At least only a couple of them are behaving this way. So given their hesitancy and other things, I'm pitching in even more. Why not? It's not like I have anything else to do.

It's bad enough some idiots get their kicks killing cops...but killing lawyers? That's a whole new brand of crazy. Whatever the explanation may be. Makes a guy want to become a librarian or something. Or...drink a little more.

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Empty Nest ~ RP Moment

Larry dropped the pen he'd been holding, his body leaned over his desk, and he rubbed his eyes. The office was quiet and dark and his desk lamp sent a glow through the room. On the other side of his door the firm was empty. Everyone had gone home. He sighed and leaned back loosening his tie and slowly pulling it off.

He really wasn't looking forward to going home. He reached for his cell phone. Pulling up a newly saved number he leaned back again and let it ring.


"Sammy," he said, a small smile breaking onto his face. "How are you?"

"I'm good. We're getting ready to have this hall meeting thing. I guess to get to know everyone better."

"Oh, well that sounds exciting. How'd your first day there go?"

"Good! We didn't have classes so I hung out with my roommate. He's pretty cool. We met the guys that live across the hall and hung out in their room. One of them? His name is Josh and he's from Detroit, too! And Kyle, my roommate, plays guitar. He's gonna help me learn it more and I'm gonna try and teach him piano."

"That's great, Sam."

"Yea, oh. I gotta go, Dad. We're going to the meeting thing now."

"Oky, well don't stay up too late. Get some rest before your first day of classes. I'll give you a call tomorrow, okay?"

"Okay Dad, bye!" Sam hung up and Larry gave another sigh.

"Bye son." He hung up and looked around his office. He got to his feet and took his time in packing his briefcase. He switched off the light and went for the elevator.

As he walked out of the building he shoved his tie into his jacket pocket. He stopped on the sidewalk and looked up and down the street. He really didn't want to go home.

Not long after, he walked through the door of a bar near the office and made his way to a stool. He shed his jacket and sat down.

"Getcha somethin'?" The bartender asked. Larry nodded.

"Scotch. On the rocks." When the bartender walked off to fix his drink, Larry unbuttoned the top buttons of his shirt as well as the buttons on his sleeves. Of course he knew he shouldn't be drinking. But frankly...he didn't care.

Big kids

I'm taking Sam up to his new school tomorrow and leaving him there. Of course he's handling it much better than I.

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